Blogger Appreciation Day

Blogger Appreciation DayGiveaway Blogger Kelly over at 3BoysandaDog has what she calls Blogger Appreciation Day.

I think that is such a good idea that I thought I’d share it here on BloggerLuv in hopes other bloggers will get on board and either join hers or create your own.

Like many of us, Kelly has a CommentLuv-enabled blog with a growing community of bloggers who comment in her blog.

All of us need to be more proactive at linking to each other using optimum anchor text. If blogs are going to get traffic from search engines, the keyword phrases we select are the key.

For those not concerned with search engine traffic, CommentLuv is the best way I know of to bring new visitors to your blog.

Why I love Kelly’s Blogger Appreciation Day idea:

  1. You’re thanking other bloggers who link to you
  2. You are linking to them and sending them visitors
  3. Periodically looking at where your visitors are coming from helps you understand your readers

This month Kelly is offering one month of free advertising on her blog to a blogger who joins her in appreciating the bloggers who support them. The deadline to enter is August 31st at midnight so there is still time.

You might also want to check out the cool Linky Tool she and other Product Review Bloggers like Connie Foggles use that allows your readers to automatically add their related links.

Kelly and Connie are just two of the many experienced bloggers who serve as role models to help us all improve our blogging skills. Interact with them here on BloggerLuv, through CommentLuv and in our private blog collaboration.

Read more about how we use all three in my previous BloggerLuv post on Blogging Collaboration Communities.

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2 Responses to Blogger Appreciation Day

  1. Karl Foxley says:

    This is a very cool idea Gail, thanks for sharing.

  2. Jakes says:

    Ya Karl, That definitely sounds cool idea..

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