Blogger IQ Test

This test is 100 % accurate please make no attempt to cheat as we will be alerted :) Thanks

1.  Although I am extreme in many ways and my name is John, what is the real name of the blogger known as Extreme John ?

2.  Although we all know Kissie or Just Kissie from is madly in love with me, what blogger is actually more in love with me ? and I don’t mean @Ileane from Basic Blog Tips :)

3.  Did you know most all  bloggers don’t read other bloggers  posts but no one ever says anything about that because we all like to think they read ours :) ?

4. This is fun I hope you think so :)

feedback5. Life is a Gift don’t waste it :)

I hope everyone is well many great things are happening right NOW :)

Blogging has changed my life and is now opening one door after another I hope I keep walking forward

Keep me in your prayers


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4 Responses to Blogger IQ Test

  1. Daniel Snyder says:

    So what are the answers John?

  2. Kristi says:

    Extreme John is on my Facebook, so assuming he uses his real last name, it is something close to the “Bermuda” Triangle. Haven’t kept up on any love triangle drama, so I’m afraid I don’t know #2. I can’t accuse anyone of not fully reading anything of mine… I’m quite wordy after all. :) This is quite fun! And I try not to waste any time in life and when I’m upset, I remember the good things and what is really important!

    Best IQ test I’ve ever seen! :)

    • John Sullivan says:

      This comment is excellent and brings back some good memories
      as you did tend to follow my insanity at one point but from a distance LOL :)
      Thanks the way you answered had me laughing and it felt great :)

  3. Karen (Blazing Minds) says:

    I thought every blogger was in love with you anyway :lol: Oh hang on, does that mean we are all gifted with the wonders of a high blogger IQ, or simply that we just love coming to BloggerLuv for a bit of, erm, BloggerLURVE ;) :lol:

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