What time is it ?

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What time is it ? Yes it is confusing for me now. After blogging a few years I worry I maybe somehow at the end of my blogging road or am I really just at the beginning of a new and Better way ?
since I have been living on my own (2 months) I have had many great days and many of them came from bloggers calling me, old friends wondering how I been, then it seemed like I needed to do things to sabotage myself, like not posting, getting drunk and loosing two phones in ONE month things like that.
I guess I like to test people to much and get easily hurt when people don’t do what I thought they were going to or even Said they were going to and it gets to be a drain and something that if I had money would cause me to be a total recluse.
I did hope Obama would have things back in good order but things seem to be a down everywhere.
I did want to be on my own and now that I am wonder why I am not doing backflips down the street and HAPPY ?
Yes we are in some strange times indeed and I have been thinking about selling this site and starting off somewhere new and getting back on my feet MENTALLY and starting a new life.
I know it is not just me having problems as it seems like everyone I talk to even people that have done quite well the whole time I have known them are struggling, scary shit man. I was used to everyone always doing great and my life going up and down but now it seems like most people are in some jackpot or another.
I am looking for ideas, I want to leave San Antonio at least for a while.
I want to sell this site.
I would like to know what You really think about the way things and people are TODAY ?
Tell me what time it is ?
Have you experienced changes in long term friendships ?
Where friends become like strangers ? and people don’t care ?
Please let this all just be ME :)
Blessing to you Blogger

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