I want to come to your HOUSE

what is the REAL DEAL ?One of our members after my visit

Well we are real close to ending a so so year as the best year EVER gets ready to fire up I wanted to share some of the things I have been up to.

Right now I am Free as a bird chilling with my daughter in Rochester and am enjoying the snow and peacefulness of it all, seeing my grand daughter and daughter has been very healing and inspiring.

I have some funds available and was wondering just what I should do ?

I will be adding features to this site such as video sharing and things like that and some other cool things

in the meantime I have some time to kill and was wondering if there is a blogger in America who wants me to come to their HOUSE ?

this is what would happen

I would use like 5,000 some to book a flight and  the rest on you :)

We would scout out your area for opportunities and I will show you how I can make money anywhere QUICK :)

We would go over your blog strategy and I would make notes during my stay.

The day before I leave I would go and get what I think you need such as a laptop, pay off a cable bill whatever. When I leave hopefully you would have had an awesome experience and I would have felt like I made a new friend. I was going to ask people to write post about why I should come there and to be honest milk it for some promotion but that would defeat the main purpose of the venture which would be to pay it forward and to pay back blogging :)

So let me know what you think :)

Also I don’t have a passport and am interested in finding someone who was in my position just a few months ago and really needs me to come there :) Not some person already doing well etc :) Thanks

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