It’s Our turn NOW

surf is UP

There has been no better time to be an experienced blogger then NOW. There are so many awesome opportunities for US now we can almost pick and choose and it’s only going to get better.
These are some of the mistakes I made and hopefully you will avoid.
1 Don’t be a friend slut. I wasted so much time out of some sense of loyalty to people I don’t even know and most could care less about me. I have over a 1000 friends on Facebook and 4000 + followers on Twitter and cherish and know maybe 20 of those people :( which is PLENTY :P
2 Concentrate and focus if you have people in your family or life that don’t support you and your work MOVE, better to be under a bridge temporarily then in Hell forever :P
3 Stop being the one always reaching out it’s plaid out you can see after awhile who is who and what is what :)
4 Be Unique :) and writing Blogging TIPS is 2009 this is about to be 2011 :)
5 Stop charging prices that reflect a desperate blogger, people will take advantage of you and you will get wiped out after a while. Your worth more than that
6 I don’t care where you live there are businesses there that need your help, go in there and tell them what you can do if they don’t need you fine step to the next one because work will come :)
7 Be grateful :) I knew after the first few months that blogging and the friends I was making was going to allow me the FREEDOM to work for myself and to do what I wanted and it has done that and more WAY more I just don’t brag about it like the so called 6 figure bloggers do ;)
8 I have been to the top and the bottom in life and blogging losers stay down Winners get back up and kick ass :)
Best to you Blogging Missed many of you
I am in NEW YORK preparing to ROCK 2011 :) See you there

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8 Responses to It’s Our turn NOW

  1. Extreme John says:

    Great post John, the big numbers don’t matter. The true connections do, today I cut connections with someone that was a long term friend because of some crazy work shit. The real numbers matter, the rest doesn’t.

  2. Cathy says:

    pretty deep, I think everyone should make a special list before the year ends….here’s to you and wishing you all the best.

  3. Cathy says:

    PS at least you still want to party, I don’t…I don’t get the whole party celebration thing but that’s me.

  4. Mitchell Allen says:

    Taken as a whole, John, this list rocks. We many of us fall short is actually RECOGNIZING the warning signs. #1 and #3 are actually hard to do. The psychological need to reciprocate has to be moderated. I did a Twitter Follow experiment to see what would happen. You’re right. 99.9% don’t care. (actually, it was 100% in this experiment.)

    #7 and #8 are the gems, here. Every Tycoon’s biography has a chapter on losing it all and getting back up.

    Thanks for this post, John!

    Have fun in NY!



  5. Gabriele Maidecchi says:

    I’ll put the focus on the first point you mention, about friends slut.
    it’s a common mistake to believe all of your followers in every channel are real friends, people up to do anything for you, ready to believe in you no matter what.
    This is of course a mere illusion, while some *great* friendships can come out of these channels, it’s not something automatic, nor very common.

  6. Dana says:

    I think it is great to set your goals and take steps everyday to get there ! Wish I can give you the couch to rent , Don’t think my husband would be down ;)

  7. John Garrett says:

    Hell yes. It’s hard sometimes when you reach out to people and they don’t even acknowledge. Especially when it’s your own family.

    I had to finally realize that I can’t always include them in what I do because they don’t understand or don’t WANT to understand it.

    Now I know people who have my back, even if they’re 500 miles away. Just because someone is physically there it doesn’t mean they’re more of a friend.

    This list is one to really keep handy for 2011. Have a Happy New Year and all kinds of fun in NY!

  8. James Johnston says:

    Great list John! Everyone using social media should think about these working on blogs and social media networks.

    When I first started out, I thought the more the better and everyone was not necessarily a friend but a little more than strangers.

    Now I know better. I have about 10 or 15 people I talk to on Twitter and would meet if I had the chance.

    Have fun in New York.

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