Success in blogging is all relative

stay thirsty

I have come across the whole range of bloggers, many are desperately fighting REAL poverty living in deadly violent places, in fact I know one young man who is still a baby himself caring for his siblings as their parents are gone, he blogs and he is a success.

Any fool can make a blog, not many can take that simple blog and use it to not only transform their own life, but  set  off a chain reaction where they have a new mission and become an asset to society instead of a burden.

passion is what it takes

Sure I seen many confuse blogging with a quick easy way to make MAD MONEY and anyone that has been blogging for a while knows that every blogger must pay their dues and put in their work, so we watch and maybe even say Hey I tried that …

The real successful and unique part about blogging is NO ONE can tell you what to do and your blog is a reflection of  yourself or at least the parts your willing for the world to see.

MANY bloggers I have watched work day in and day out there is NO DOUBT they love what they do.

It’s a VERY Exciting time to be a blogger. I believe 2011 will set some things right in blogging like adsense paying better as they get BLASTED with some Competition.

I want to tell you a secret

EVERY big site EVERY PERSON that became incredibly wealthy on the internet  happen because of a FRIENDSHIP.

We can only go so far by ourselves but let’s not be fooled

without the right partner and people in 2011 your doomed.

To me whether your a nobody or so called famous is irrelevant

WE ALL need to collaborate better.
a Hi and BY a RT and a FB friend will not cut it

I will tell you in blog slang

EVERY blogger needs to build influence and REAL friendships, BE a Good friend and out of the thousands
of bloggers you come across a few will stand out
a few of those are the ones I am talking about :)

From 12-15-2010

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5 Responses to Success in blogging is all relative

  1. Roezer says:

    Connecting and networking with other bloggers is a must do. If they don’t Retweet and Like sometimes they are not friends

  2. Gabriele Maidecchi says:

    It’s the same for a business, you can’t hope to make a successful business without having a co-founder/partner. The amount of personal enrichment you get sharing your professional life with a good friend is priceless.

  3. Gail Gardner says:

    Very inspirational, John. If your friend has a blog that we can promote do share it with us either publicly or privately?

  4. Karen (Blazing Minds) says:

    It’s those “lone” bloggers that find it harder to make their way in the blog-o-sphere we all need one another to spread the word, comment, make friends, shout and generally be as one with the many blogs that we all frequent and enjoy ;)

    Happy Christmas everyone ;)

  5. Art of RetroCollage says:

    Partnership in business as well as life in general makes work and life so much easier. I blog (and create my art) with the help of my life partner, and the sharing of a common goal makes really helps.

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