Pick your poison

pick your poison

In an effort to remember where I came from I wanted to offer out a chance for people to spread the word about this great blogging community.

Simply you write a 250 or better post about what you HONESTLY think about  this site and add some keywords like blogging community if you want.

Now the POISON :)

I will  write an in depth review of your site and will add all your keywords and promote it :)

As we ALL know I am own the GoogleBOT and I ROCK Google Search

So the Estimated value  is PRICELESS :P

Or since I know how it was to be a broke blogger I will pay 10 bucks paypal to anyone who wants to write ONE 1 post on their blog.

That’s it :)

Let me know if your down :)


and to all the people who were so kind to write about bloggerluv in the past Thanks :)
ALL posts must be dated current Thanks :)

This offer ends Feb 1st 2011


Love HYDROAlso please feel free to stumble and retweet if neither is your cup of tea Thanks :)

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One Response to Pick your poison

  1. satrap says:

    Hi John,
    This is my first time here and I have to say, I am kind of ashamed of the fact that I have missed a blogging community this big. I found this community tonight, following other people who participate in other blogging communities I am a member of.
    I haven’t been here long enough, so I cant offer any reviews yet, but looks like a very nice and warm community.
    By the way, That is a great offer you are making, giving bloggers a link back and promotion option.

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