Are you a WordPress Expert ?


Today as I was going around with my entourage :P LOL setting up my company NeTTEN INC, NeTTeN Media here in Rochester NY I was considering what to write on my new business card, then I thought about what a person is saying when they claim Expert status.

One of the great things about life and the internet is you can pretend to be whoever you want but will that serve you best in the end ?

I have always found writing in the 3rd person weird as in John Sullivan is an expert in making love to women and things of that nature when we see people describing themselves.

I am going to just write

John Sullivan

Web Developer -Extrovert  :)

As we all know just leaving Web Developer would be SMARTER and more profitable I still have some bizarre need to lessen and cheapen what I am doing.

RIGHT NOW I am, YOU ARE as an experienced blogger and far from an expert  in the capacity to start a company that can not only save many businesses but employ a whole bunch of people I don’t see any joke about that.

I just wanted to touch on and have everyone take a LOOK at what YOU are selling and SHOWING THE WORLD :)

Have any cool experiences dealing with DOMINATING LOCAL SEARCH :) that is what I DO :P

Waiting on the landlord to get back to me on my new OFFICE off Park Ave in Rochester :) It’s going to be HOT :P

Word of the DAY


rochester seo

Thought of the DAY


Lunch with my daughter rocking some Joan Jett and missing Texas like Cancer LOL :)

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Pick your poison

pick your poison

In an effort to remember where I came from I wanted to offer out a chance for people to spread the word about this great blogging community.

Simply you write a 250 or better post about what you HONESTLY think about  this site and add some keywords like blogging community if you want.

Now the POISON :)

I will  write an in depth review of your site and will add all your keywords and promote it :)

As we ALL know I am own the GoogleBOT and I ROCK Google Search

So the Estimated value  is PRICELESS :P

Or since I know how it was to be a broke blogger I will pay 10 bucks paypal to anyone who wants to write ONE 1 post on their blog.

That’s it :)

Let me know if your down :)


and to all the people who were so kind to write about bloggerluv in the past Thanks :)
ALL posts must be dated current Thanks :)

This offer ends Feb 1st 2011


Love HYDROAlso please feel free to stumble and retweet if neither is your cup of tea Thanks :)

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What’s stopping you now ?

blog crazy
I was enjoying a little chuckle with myself as I realized after reading the user manual for my new video cam that I would have to find a new excuse now as to why I still had to wait to start doing some videos.
So I can further avoid doing my live show/SS as I need to practice and learn video, video editing, ah Man that is pure bullshit and I know one thing people that make it, bloggers who are successful do what they may not want to do or FEEL LIKE DOING :)
People jump on band wagons of reputation management and sharing their location and all  kinds of KOOKY things yet FAIL when it comes to actually doing the very things that will make life changing results LIKE USING the phone. I won’t even go there as we can all use excuses for what we don’t want to do.
I often have whole days where I don’t FEEL LIKE talking to anyone outside my REAL LIFE and was actually thinking today that TALKING with people is WORK.
So let’s be honest as we all know from the so called TOP to the newest blog that we need to challenge ourselves to do what others aren’t or haven’t thought of yet.
Today I told my daughter if she went to all of you and asked.
What other blogger would you compare my  Dad to ?
And I was all HYPED when I told her I bet they say AH that dude is like no other .

WE ALL have our own strength and weaknesses funny how we can so easily SEE the other person’s and not our own. Well my strength comes from trying to be honest with myself and others and perhaps if I was just into the EASE of BLOGGING SUCCESS, as I survey the competition, I would keep all my struggles to myself but there is a method to my madness and I will tell you what it is.
Blogging has given me a chance to have a new life, I already had fame and fortune and was miserable.

NOW I want to be able to handle the size of the company and life I will have and ENJOY it :)
Be honest what excuses do you keep telling yourself that you KNOW hold you back ?
Once I get a tripod I will make a video LOL :P
Keep Rocking no stopping I blaze in a craze amazed at how awesome my life is about to GET :)
Don’t miss out and don’t sell yourself short make all your hard work PAY OFF
For some of us the pay off is beyond money ;)
Best wishes to you all

Convert the negative into a POSITIVE :)

The only one stopping You is YOU :)

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The exact reason your not making it blogging

John Sullivan

First I want to say I really did love the routine of normal blogging, you know it  see something new, cool or hot and worth posting about, it was all about firing up a lame post and sending it to every damn site on the planet then  feeling all cool with a 100 hits a day as the Alexa slowly swung south in the green, yeah I miss all that like  I miss working construction LOL :)

See that kind of blogging, the Blogging tips blogging as cool as it is for the two years I did it will keep you broke.

Today I was reminded of how DUMB I was to alienate myself as some kind of pure blogger all about the PEOPLE and the LINKS man :)

If I was rich or left a LARGE inheritance I would of loved to do that from some tropical island the rest of my life.

The reality of that kind of blogging was two years of scrapping by and often living off my wife and HOPING and PRAYING things were about to get better, well they didn’t and I was fortunate to have access to some ways to make money online in affiliate sales that I learned and worked on my own for the most part.

If we are really honest about it  the amount of effort that goes into developing real friendships and a popular blog is very long but it was   often great for me as I enjoyed it and working all night was a pure joy but like I said blogging on it own was just making enough to not QUIT .

I think I lost my marriage because of blogging, when I was in Texas it was weird as I had no bloggers around me or in my life other then my friends online and maybe the reason  I appreciated even shitty friends as I thought they would develop into something awesome. I am still waiting on that one but I am fortunate to know I do have some bloggers that I do believe care about me, when I was going through losing my apartment I cried the morning a blogger sent me 100 in my paypal and I will never forget all the people that were there for me EVER :)

Money sucks in that WE ALL SUCK UP and treat people with money differently and I always hated that about people.

In the book I am working on and now with my daughter Shannon called How I got FAMOUS Blogging which is basically a bunch of happy horse shit to psyche the person into believing they can make it and then adds clear ways to accelerate your fame and shit like that.

I know what  your thinking DUDE You ain’t FAMOUS and your right , my JOB is not to be someone online or to get FAMOUS but to help my fellow bloggers maybe achieve their own fame in their own way.

So in essence this is a rather bizarre post I agree but if you take a second and think about  what I am really saying is the ONLY thing stopping you is YOU :P

See you bitches at the TOP :)

don't follow me

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I want to come to your HOUSE

what is the REAL DEAL ?One of our members after my visit

Well we are real close to ending a so so year as the best year EVER gets ready to fire up I wanted to share some of the things I have been up to.

Right now I am Free as a bird chilling with my daughter in Rochester and am enjoying the snow and peacefulness of it all, seeing my grand daughter and daughter has been very healing and inspiring.

I have some funds available and was wondering just what I should do ?

I will be adding features to this site such as video sharing and things like that and some other cool things

in the meantime I have some time to kill and was wondering if there is a blogger in America who wants me to come to their HOUSE ?

this is what would happen

I would use like 5,000 some to book a flight and  the rest on you :)

We would scout out your area for opportunities and I will show you how I can make money anywhere QUICK :)

We would go over your blog strategy and I would make notes during my stay.

The day before I leave I would go and get what I think you need such as a laptop, pay off a cable bill whatever. When I leave hopefully you would have had an awesome experience and I would have felt like I made a new friend. I was going to ask people to write post about why I should come there and to be honest milk it for some promotion but that would defeat the main purpose of the venture which would be to pay it forward and to pay back blogging :)

So let me know what you think :)

Also I don’t have a passport and am interested in finding someone who was in my position just a few months ago and really needs me to come there :) Not some person already doing well etc :) Thanks

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